A multi-desciplined solution seeker, wielding her skills together to create something works.


  • I’m a crossed-disciplined creative thinker, a visual designer, and a freelancing front end developer.
  • I specialize in branding and strategy and user interface design.
  • Highly self-motivated and put the philosophy of life-long learning into practice while it is especially crucial to the fast-paced digital industry.
  • Fluent in English, Mandarin, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Competent in data analytics and visualization.

Hello. I am ShaoYen, a skillful designer, with capabilities from typography and layout, art direction, identity and collaterals design, UI design for both Website and App, interactive design and motion graphic.

I'm a unique talent because of my cross-cultural background, multi-disciplined mindset and a full spectrum of skills and experience. I inherited the tradition of print and graphic design, I embrace the innovation and knowledge of technology and acclaim the importance of strategic thinking. I consider my design as a full cycle of conversation between WHAT, WHY, and HOW. (The design or the solution, The strategy and concept, The technology or approach.)

The Characters Define Me

Select a character and find out more about what makes me Different.

  • 1. Scientist
  • 2. Craftsman
  • 3. Athlete

1. Scientist


A Scientist is logical and good at processing information and data. Who understands that innovation starts from curiosity and is accumulated by exploration and experiments.

  • Logical & Rational
  • Facts & Data Oriented
  • Curious & Adaptive

2. Craftsman


A Craftsman knows well that all the great works take time and effort to polish. Who cares about every detail and pixel to refine and perfect the works.

  • Detail-Oriented
  • Self-motivated
  • Laser Focused

3. Athlete


The Athlete knows teamwork well. For him working at a creative firm is like playing on the court. You define your role, create your value, support your teammates and always concentrate on the game.

  • Strong & Competitive
  • Energetic & Goal-driven
  • A Leader & Team Player

Capabilities & Services

Select the categories below and see what I can help you.

Graphic Design

Branding & Strategy 


Print Design

Editorial Design

Website Design

Visual Design

Front End Development

CMS integration

Motion Graphic

UX / UI Design

User Flow Design

Wireframe Design


User Interface Design