Snack Smart

Where UI Design & Data Visualization help people to learn and monitize their snacking pattern.

    execution / roles

  • Branding
  • UI Design
  • UX Design
  • Website Design & Development


  • M.S. Thesis Project at Pratt Insititute, Communication Design.

The Hypothesis & Research

Visualize the Nutritional Information To Help People Compare & Make Better Food Choices.

Snack Smart is an IOS mobile app serves as a self-helping tool by offering healthier alternatives that satisfy your instant food cravings.

When people crave for specific food or flavor, it signals that our body needs specific substance. Snack Smart categories the general craving of modern people and provides them the healthier alternatives that contain the substance that the body needs.

Food Trend Timeline

develop a solution

An Intuitive Mobile App to Collect And Visualize Personal Snacking Data, Extracting Only The Information That Counts.

Snack Smart records the "craving history" using the color system, so users can observe and find out their craving patterns and be more aware of it.

Personal snack alarm setting helps users to keep the regular eating pattern, avoiding rush decision making and overeating which is usually caused by the extreme hunger. To test the hypothesis and user flow, I used Adobe Edge Animate to build the prototype and animated the page transition.

test the prototype
“We have overemphasized on how much we eat, instead of what we eat, how we eat and why we eat.”

The Brand & The Interface

A Comprehensive Digital Branding: From Brand Identity To User Experience & Interface.

For this hypothetic project, I have created the Brand Identity, including Logo and color palette.To complete the whole brand, I also designed and developed a one-page website for the launch of the application.

If you are interested in this topic and want to learn more about my research on the project, feel free to contact me for my thesis book.

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