Stash Tea Rebranding

Reviltalize the culture and lifestyle of tea-drinking.

    execution / roles

  • Branding
  • Identity Design
  • Creative Direction
  • Art Direction


  • Pratt Institute
    Communication Design


The New Face of the Heritage Consumer Brand

Stash Tea is a consumer-facing beverage brand that has dedicated years in manufacturing high-quality tea bags and various lines of tea-drinking accessories. The brand placed its market position as the affordable tea products, with high quality and a wide range of selection.


Visualize the Essential and Abstract Idea of Tea Making.

Visualize the Abstract Essence of Tea Making. The new identity for Stash traced back to its root, "how a good cup of tea is made of." The identity visualizes the fundamental tea-making, SINKING & FUSING.

The Brand

Revitalize the brand with a Colorful and Sentimental Approach.

The goal of the project is to rejuvenize the heritage brand, bring more vitality and unify and brand voice. Instead of the cliche image of tea leaves, I developed a color system reflecting the benefit & effect of each tea category.

To bring back the memory of the good old time when drinking tea and enjoying a leisure afternoon, I quoted from a selection of poetry, book, and music, and used the text as the signature pattern of the branding.


Selling the lifestyle more than selling the products.

Not only tea-drinking a habit, cultural and remedy, it's a lifestyle and philosophy that invites people to slow down their pace and enjoy the inner peace and reflection, or simply to relax. Integrated with the textual quotation pattern of the brand, I used it as the texture to create a series of campaign poster that used WORDS to invite the viewers to the slow pacing world of tea-drinking.