“ You can’t think your way through it, you have to experience it. ”

-Georg Petschnigg, Founder of FiftyThree

“ It's important to remember that knowledge surrounds us. Our job is to absorb it objectively and then leverage it subjectively.”

-Scott Belsky, Co-Founder of Behance

the syc lab:

“ Your portfolio is a forever incomplete piece of your self-reflection.”

And so be my website a continuously evolving creature. It's organic and current. Not only works and projects evolved, so does my website, the vessel and the platform of my voice. Therefore, I apologize if you finally realize this site is not finished, and to be honest it never will.

It is necessary to unveil the process and evolution of the website, A.K.A the flow of my thoughts or the developing of my concept. It shows the thousands of iterations it has taken and is going to take.

If you feel interested in the process and growing of my website and collections, feel free to hit me a message. Even a simple greeting is amazing. So I can put you on my list and keep you posted when this page is updated and progressing further.

I am Looking forward to hearing from you!

XOXO, ShaoYen.