The Tibet Project

A Refresh Branding & Strategy for The Highest Region In The World.

    execution / roles

  • Branding
  • Identity Design
  • Creative Direction
  • Art Direction


  • Pratt Insititute, Communication Design.

The Power of Visual Language & Brand Strategy

Recreate the image of a problematic country.
(In this case, the term of "Country" is a problem itself.)

It is a fictional, initiative project that examined the significance and versatility of Branding. Choosing a non-traditional subject, we as designers had been given more freedom and broke the conventional branding guideline of commercials and cooperates. We focused more on developing an intangible idea or concept into a tangible visual system. The deep-rooted national religious belief, the Natural Resource, and the unique Nomadic Culture are the three keys I outlined for the new Tibet.

Identity Design

Merging the tradition & heritage into the new: A modern interpretation of Tibetan Lettering.

Inspired by the Sanskrit carved on stone, a primary liturgical language of Hinduism, I developed a geometric, totem-like logotype for the country. The identity was evolved from the classical Gotham family with a custom twist and modern clean-up. It inherited the graphical root of the culture and embraced the clean and simplicity of the current.

Currency Redesign

Alongside with the new identity, I redesigned the currency system for Tibet and integrated the symbolic animals and cultural activities into the currency bill. I designed the bill with the colors of the Tibetan flags, patterned with the traditional totems. When the four bills are assembled, it forms two very significant ancient symbols; Blessing, and Happiness.

Art & Creative Direction

The Higher You Go, The Happier You Are.

The ultimate goal of the project is to transcend the stereotype or the negative image of the chosen region, redefine and emphasize on its features and develop a whole campaign to attract more tourist, investors or talents. " The Higher You Go" is the campaign I developed, which simply presented the fact of Tibet being the highest country in the world, both geographically and spiritually. Bold, bright and colorful image with a stacked-up campaign slogan, the advertising gave the viewers a taste of the country and left the rest as an enchanting feasible wonderland.